Green Initiatives

We understand the environmental impact any business has on its surroundings, and at the Courtyard we recognize it is our responsibly to continually work towards reducing that impact. Some of the initiatives we undertake to promote a sustainable business and environment include:

Food and Beverage Service and Our Kitchen:

  • We are a proud member of Savour Ottawa through which we work closely with the farmers that supply our kitchen. All accredited Savour Ottawa members source a minimum of 15% or $25,000.00 of their food purchases from local farmers and suppliers, verified by the Savour Ottawa team. Our Chef regularly sources ingredients from many local farmers and producers, with several farmers growing biodynamic and organic vegetables specifically for the Courtyard.
  • Our deep fryer oil is recycled into bio-fuel to power cars
  • Our food waste and scraps are composted – picked up by a local farmer every week and either composted or fed to his pigs
  • We offer wines from the local wineries of Prince Edward County, and beers from local Ottawa area breweries to reduce the environmental footprint of transporting these supplies

Our Building:

  • An energy-saving air curtain at our front door reduces heat loss in the winter and minimizes air-conditioning needs in the summer
  • Our thermostats are programmed to reduce energy consumption when the restaurant is closed or during off hours
  • Timers shut down the exhaust fans in our bathrooms and kitchens when the restaurant is closed
  • 90% of our lighting is either compact fluorescent, low voltage or other energy saving lighting
  • Our electronics and lighting are shut off when we are closed, and our restaurant dining room lighting is turned off between the luncheon and dinner service
  • We monitor our water consumption at the meter to find and prevent any issues going unresolved that would waste water
  • Our patio is 100% non smoking
  • All of the paper used in our office is 100% recycled. In addition, we use both sides of the page for internal printing, and we cut up our used paper into squares for scrap paper and note taking.